1. Wake up at 9 a.m., but stay in bed until 11.
2. Do a happy dance because it’s sunny.
3. Eat a slice of fresh baked cardamom bread with raspberry jam.
4. Wear sunglasses while driving to the grocery store.
5. Purchase a ½ pound of fine, dark chocolate for the truffle tart you will prepare.
6. Prepare said truffle tart.
7. Occasionally skip about in anticipation of all the truffle joy you will soon consume.
8. Worship truffle tart as it cools.
9. Help make pignoli cookies.
10. Get smacked with a spoon for sampling the cookie dough.
11. Drive to Seattle with a wonderful boy.
12. Have a smashing time with your best friends Shadae and Leah who are celebrating their 3rd 21st birthday.
13. Smile because tomorrow is Sunday.

Happy Saturday everyone!