There’s something rather rebellious about cooking food with alcohol. Makes me feel like that 15 year old version of me who snuck Mike’s Hard Lemonades out of the fridge. (Oh please! I only did it once!) And I’m not referring to using a touch of cooking sherry here or there. Oh no. We’re talking full-on “alcohol is in the title of this recipe” kind of cooking. Think chicken marsala or beer-battered fish and chips. It’s the kind of food that inspires you to mix a drink while your oven heats because voilà, the ingredients for a great martini are already on-hand!

True, the actual cooking process does burn off the alcohol, but don’t even try to pretend you don’t feel a little sly as an entire bottle of Bud is poured into your batter. At least that’s how I felt last night while I whipped up some beer bread. A whoppin’ 12 ounces went into that loaf and man was it having a good time! It was like a raging foam party in that mixing bowl.

This was also my first foray with self-rising flour and while I think its genius, using it does take some of the fun out of bread making. Sort of like making box brownies rather than a batch from scratch. Half the fun of food is the process it goes through to become a meal. And don’t you just hate that awkward moment when friends swoon over your box-baked goods? Then they ask for the recipe…yeah, not fun. But I think you’ll be safe with this one. Just tell your pals there’s an entire bottle of Carona inside and they’ll think your the coolest thing since sliced bread.


Beer bread
The bread is easy, quick and has a great flavor. The finished product retains a bit of that beer bubble but not enough to make someone instantly say, “Huh, I think I detect a hint of hefeweizen!”

You will need:
2 ½ cups self-rising flour
3 tbsp. sugar
12 oz. beer


Preheat oven to 350.

Dump everything into a bowl. This is a no-frills recipe, there’s beer in it for goodness sake!

Stir until the froth subsides and pour into a greased loaf pan.

Bake for 50 minutes or until golden. Let cool on a wire rack and serve. Snicker as friends unknowingly have a beer with dinner.

Yield ~ 1 loaf