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Oh my God.

Ruth Reichl is here.

On my birthday.

And I get to meet her!

Okay, so she’s not actually coming to dinner but rather a nearby technical college where she will be giving a free presentation and book signing.

For those of you who are currently Googling Ruth…she is a best selling author, acclaimed food critic and television show host who was most recently Editor-In-Chief at Gourmet Magazine. Other resume highlights include restaurant critic at The New York Times and restaurant editor/food editor at the Los Angeles Times.

I knew her first as the author of Garlic and Sapphires – a hilarious book that my college  journalism professor recommended I read. The book chronicles Ruth’s escapades as the NYT restaurant critic who would review restaurants…in disguise! She would create these elaborate characters and completely transform her look in order to have realistic restaurant experiences.

Two words: READ IT. I’m sure you’ll love her just as much as I do. In fact, go out and read all of her books while you’re at it! 

But back to the event…

The fine city of Lakewood chose Garlic and Sapphires as their featured read for the Pierce County Library’s Pierce County READS program this past winter. Thousands of local residents read the book together and now get to meet the author.

I stumbled across an advertisement for the event while at Barnes & Nobles a few weeks back and was stunned (read: so excited I did a little dance) when I saw the date for the presentation.

March 27. My birthday.

Can you think of a more wonderful present than the chance to meet one of your favorite authors?!

Okay, maybe you can. But for me, this is right up there at the top of the list!

Sadly, there is one little wrinkle…all my books are currently packed away tight in a storage unit.

Do you think she’d sign my spatula instead?

Happy reading kids!


For you locals out there…

What: Ruth Reichl speaks and signs her book “Garlic and Sapphires.” The book was chosen for this year’s Pierce County READS program.

When: 7 p.m. Saturday

Where: Clover Park Technical College, Sharon McGavick Conference Center, 4500 Steilacoom Blvd. S.W., Lakewood.

Cost: Free!