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Dearest readers I must apologize…I have been seriously distracted lately. Like “posting once a week…maybe” kind of distracted. And for that, I am super sorry. Life has decided to dish up a big batch of crazy/awesome/not so awesome but necessary events recently and as a result I have become a bad, bad little blogger.

And what has me so out of the blogging loop you ask?

Well, I can’t tell you about all of it…yet, but to start there’s the whole “to get an apartment or to not get an apartment” debate.

By the way, you know you’ve found a winner when a tenant approaches you and, upon learning that you’re checking out the building’s vacancy, says “but you look like normal people!”

Yeah…not exactly what I wanted to hear.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time in Seattle recently, which has resulted in a ton of splendid adventures. Those that rank within a PG-13 rating may appear here in the near future so stay tuned!

But all that aside, I am here today to share a little somethin’ somethin’ with you about our dear friend the asparagus.

Because nothing says “I’m sorry” like a tender bunch of farm fresh produce!  Read the rest of this entry »


This is a part of a little series called “Five Senses Friday.” The general gist is that you reflect on a moment in your day by way of your five senses: taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. Bomb dot com Sarah over at Pink of Perfection does it every other week or so and I think it’s just a splendid way to kick off the weekend!

Hearing ~ The hilarity that is a Neil Simon play read by a group of talented Olympians.

Seeing ~ A very green wall.

Smelling ~ Ginger, melted butter, baked fruit and…wood shavings. (That last one is what I consider to be the universal scent of theaters. Oh how it makes me shiver! Sigh. I’m home.)

Tasting ~ Bright, juicy pears from the Olympia Farmer’s market, warm and flaky puff pastry, spicy grated ginger and simply sweet, apricot jam.

Feeling ~ A side-cramp I’ve developed from laughing my little a** off for the past 2.5 hours. “Plaza Suite” cast/Neil Simon, I heart you.

Happy Friday all!

p.s. You’ll find the recipe for that tasty galette after the jump!

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I have this really bad habit of going into a store for one thing and coming out with about ten others minus the one thing I intended to get in the first place.

Case in point: my recent trip to Cost Plus World Market .

I went with the intention of buying yellow pillows for the apartment I don’t quite have yet. Instead I found organic jasmine tea pearls, Italian blood orange spritzer, a chili-lime dark chocolate bar, one teeny-tiny tin of saffron, baggies of lavender and hot curry powder and a pot of blood orange marmalade.

Needless to say I’m a serious sucker for budget friendly treats.

I may have failed at “mission: buy yellow pillows,” but I succeeded in finding the one pivotal ingredient needed to make a dish I have been cooing over since I discovered it in the NYT dining section this past February. Read the rest of this entry »

Alright kids, this is the final Florida post from my recent Marco Island adventure. 

I know, I know. Sad day.

But look on the bright side! Now we get to move on to happy spring things like farmer’s markets and asparagus and sunshine! Okay, we might have to take a “rain check” on the sunshine ~ it is April in Washington after all. (Get it? Rain check? Ha! I kill me). I digress. Back to the beach we go…

P.S. props go to my padre for the stellar post title!

So, my last day of sun-soaked goodness happened to also be Easter Sunday. And what better way to celebrate than a crazy huge, food coma inducing meal! Okay, yeah I guess you could go to church (and don’t worry I did ~ on the beach even). But for now, let’s just stick to food. 

And so I present to you an Easter feast, courtesy of my loud and proud extended Italian family.  Read the rest of this entry »

Friends, we are gathered here today to celebrate a miraculous event. On Saturday March 20, of the year 2010 Adria Marie (last name omitted to protect the innocent), sister to the writer whose words you are reading at this very moment…COOKED.

Yes, you read that right – my sister, the Princess of the pre-packaged meal, the Duchess of Dinner’s Ready busted out those squeaky clean Pampered Chef mixing bowls and whipped up her very own main course entrée. From scratch! And it wasn’t just any dinner either. It was ratatouille potpie courtesy of our friends at The New York Times.

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If Holly Golightly were my psychiatrist, then yesterday she would have diagnosed me with a bad case of the “mean reds.”

Translation: I was in a horrible mood and had no idea why.

(If you don’t know which film I am referencing, then go here right now and have some breakfast at Tiffany’s.)

To make it worse, the sun was shining and my boyfriend drove down to take me out to lunch. So not only was I moody, but everything – even the weather – was being nice to me. This of course only made me feel worse for being a downer in the first place.

So, I did what any self-respecting girl does when she’s feeling a little “red.”

I went home and made dessert.

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How do begin your mornings? With a hot latte and The New York Times? A bowl of honey nut Cheerios with sliced banana? By hitting the snooze button?

I usually start the day racing around my kitchen banging together a tasty (and hopefully nutritious) lunch. Then I pop some bread in the toaster, slather it with peanut butter (not while in the toaster – that would just be silly), and run out the door with a mug of milk in one hand and my toast in the other. This is usually when I freak out and run back inside, thinking I’ve left my hair straightener on.

We all have our morning breakfast traditions. However, I have recently come to the conclusion that these traditions can quickly turn into ruts from which it is very hard to climb out of no matter how sick and tired we are of, say, peanut butter toast and a mug of milk. Don’t get me wrong…I love me some PB toast, just not every day for 3 months.

Are you feeling the same way readers? Do you need to add some spice to your breakfast table/car dashboard? Yes?

Then lets bake a few muffins!

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